Felicia loves to help, but in order to do that she often needs some information to analyze the problem, because her Crystal ball is undergoing repairs.

Easy Mode: Report from within PresetMagician

You can report bugs, feature requests, crashes and general support questions directly from within PresetMagician. Use the Support Icon in the upper toolbar.

General Problems

Examples: PresetMagician is crashing or unexpected things are happening

  • A good description of the problem is important to find bugs! For example, "PresetMagician crashes during plugin analysis" is less helpful than "PresetMagician crashes when analyzing plugin Foobar".

  • Include a screenshot if possible

  • It's always a good idea to include the main log file

  • If you're concerned about sensitive information, you can send the problem report via E-Mail to

  • PresetMagician doesn't log everything into the main log file, because the log file would become huge. Plugin-specific operations are logged to the plugin-specific logs. It's a good idea to include the main log file as well as the plugin-specific log where the problem occured

Plugin-specific logs

If an operation like analyzing plugins or exporting presets fails, you can find the plugin-specific log by selecting the plugin in the plugin list and then click the Plugin Log button in the top toolbar.

Please copy and paste the text and attach it to your problem report.

Finding the main log file

PresetMagician stores it's log files under AppData\Local\Drachenkatze\PresetMagician\Logs. The most recent log file is called PresetMagician.log

To quickly open the log file directory, open your Windows Explorer (Shortcut: Windows-Key+E) and copy'n'paste the following text into the Windows Explorer's Location Bar: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Drachenkatze\PresetMagician\Logs

Please make sure that PresetMagician is closed prior sending the log file. Also please don't start PresetMagician before sending the log file, because PresetMagician moves the log file to a second file (like PresetMagician 2019-02-04 23-58-30-460.log) and then it's difficult to figure out which log file actually contains the problem