Getting Started


To use PresetMagician, you need a trial or full license. You can get a trial license here. If you ordered a full license, you need to generate a full license in your account. Paste the system code to the form and download the license file, then select it within PresetMagician.

Configure VST folders

Click the "Configure VST folders" button. Add all your VST folders you wish to use and add a NI User Content directory if you are using a non-standard location.

Import Presets

PresetMagician needs to import presets from your plugins. To start this process, click the "Import VST Presets" button. This might take a few minutes, depending on the amount of VST plugins you have and how quickly they load.
If PresetMagician crashes during analyzing plugins, the crash reason is most likely due to an incompatibility between PresetMagician and the plugin. You can exclude a plugin from being analyzed by selecting the plugin, then clicking the
button in the top toolbar.
Instead of analyzing all plugins, you can also analyze a single plugin by selecting the plugin and then clicking the
You might get a dialog which asks you to report unsupported plugins. Doing so helps me focus on which plugins to support next.
After analyzing plugins has been completed, review the plugin list. You'll see if the plugin is supported by PresetMagician, how many presets are detected, the type of the plugin and remarks.
icon indicates that there are limitations or important notes regarding this plugin. Hover your mouse cursor over the icon to see the notes.

Adding Presets

PresetMagician needs to know which presets you like to export. For first-time users, I recommend that you only use one plugin. Click the "Add Presets to Export List" button and select if you like to add presets from all plugins or the selected plugin only.

View the Preset Export List

You can view the preset export list either by clicking
or selecting the "Preset Export List" tab. All presets scheduled for export should be displayed:

Running the export

You can export NKS presets with or without audio previews. Without audio previews, PresetMagician can easily export 100s of presets per second. Audio Previews take some time, usually up to one or two seconds per preset. For a first test, you should not enable Audio Previews. To run the export, click the export presets button:

Viewing results in Maschine or Komplete Kontrol

Open Maschine or Komplete Kontrol. Open the preferences, navigate to "Library", select the user library list, and click the "Rescan" button.
After the scan is complete, activate the "User Library" view:
Now all exported presets should appear. On Maschine or Komplete Kontrol hardware, also make sure you selected the user library.
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