VST Worker Pool

If you receive a message that a certain number of VST workers failed to start, please open the VST Worker log directory using the settings dialog. If you're unable to figure out the problem, please contact support.

PresetMagician loads VST plugins in separate processes (currently named PresetMagician.RemoteVstHost.exe) to ensure that a crashing plugin doesn't crash PresetMagician. Think of it as a certain number of mini-DAWs running in the background.

As opposed to your typical DAW workflow, where you would only load a few VST plugins per session, it's a common use case with PresetMagician to load many VST plugins per session, especially if you just started using PresetMagician and you're analyzing 100s of plugins.

The VST Worker pool is a pool of VST hosts to ensure that if one VST host crashes due to a plugin, the next one can quickly be used. Also, some plugins don't properly unload, keeping memory from being freed. To counteract on this, PresetMagician shuts down a VST host after a certain number of processed plugins to free up used memory.

Each VST host uses only about 10-30MB of RAM each for itself - the rest is consumed by your VST plugin(s) loaded into the VST host.

Also, the VST Worker pool allows for for a future feature where plugins could be analyzed and presets exported in parallel.