PresetMagician Database

Starting with PresetMagician 0.5.5, it uses an SQLite database to keep track of plugins, presets and other configuration information.

This allows you to edit preset metadata and allows PresetMagician to keep track of already exported presets.

Database Compression

The database stores preset data compressed by default at the cost of a bit performance. Saves up to 70% space in the database, but increases preset data retrieval time by a factor of about 3, depending on your disk speed. However, usually it takes way longer to actually generate the NKS file than retrieving the preset data, but the whole process should be very quick overall.

You might feel an effect if you process 100.000s of presets in the database or have an extremely slow disk drive. The time PresetMagician requires to generate Audio Previews is not affected.

If you prefer maximum performance, you can disable preset compression.

You can have compressed and non-compressed preset data in the same database, so you don't need to run the Compress/Decompress Presets commands if you change the preset compression setting.

Creating Backups

You should create regular backups of the database file. To do this, open the Database Settings and click the "Open Database Location" button. Your Windows Explorer should now open, revealing the location of the PresetMagician configuration folder.

It is important to close PresetMagician prior copying the file to ensure all data has been written to that file.

Close PresetMagician and copy the file "PresetMagician.sqlite3" to your backup location. You should also backup the files "configuration.json" (which contains the global configuration settings like VST directories) as well as "license.lic" (which contains your license information).

There's no need to make a backup of the other files within that directory

Restoring Backups

To restore a backup, simply close PresetMagician and restore the files you previously have made a backup of.