NKS - Overview

NKS in a nutshell

    Most VST plugins do not report their presets to your DAW
      As such, you cannot select presets from your DAW
    NKS glues together your VST plugin presets with additional information
    You need .nksf files (for instruments) or .nksfx files (for effects), shortly named NKS files
    Each NKS file contains the preset data and meta-information like banks, authors, controller mappings etc
    Maschine and Komplete Kontrol loads these files and can present their information in the software or on your hardware
    Some plugin vendors also deliver NKS files for their plugins
    NKS files will NOT be auto-generated by Maschine, Komplete Kontrol or your plugins

How to generate NKS files

You can either generate NKS manually or automatically. Note that the manual process requires lots of time, because you have to select each and every preset in your plugin and save an NKS file for it.

Manual approach

    Open Maschine or Komplete Kontrol
    Load the plugin
    Select the preset inside the plugin you wish to save
    In Komplete Kontrol: Select File->Save As
    In Maschine: Select the Option "Save as" in the same menu where you selected your plugin
This saves a single NKS file, which then appears in the User Library.

Pre-Created NKS files

There's an effort by volunteers creating NKS files, called the NKS user library. You can find it in the Native Instruments Forum. Note that you need to re-scan your user library in order for them to appear.

Automatically creating NKS files

That's where PresetMagician comes into play - it automatically generates NKS files for you, including audio previews. To quickly get results, please read the Getting Started guide.
Last modified 2yr ago